Welcome to ThaiClassicCar.com; We are the web site for sources of information about Antique & Classic cars in Thailand. Our goal is to build a community dedicated to the celebration of cars and for the people who love them and to preserve and perpetuate our Thai automotive heritage.

ThaiClassicCar.com is the place for anyone who appreciates Antique and Classic cars, from the merely curious to passionate collectors and restorers. We are the destination web site for those who respect the quality and styling of vintage automobiles and the heritage they represent. ThaiClassicCar.com is your “key” to the internet for information, buying & selling or just talking about anything to do with vintage automobiles, from pre-World War, post-World War, and to the Classic era. Like the coffee shop, it is a place to share information, special events, chat, restoration tips, price, goods and services.

ThaiClassicCar.com concept started in 2003 when Classic Car Club Thailand was established with the intention of becoming the most comprehensive source of information, entertainment, and advertising for the Classic Car Club members and classic car collectors in Thailand. We have message board where users can share information such as car for sale, buying and selling car parts, events, technical tips etc. A lot of effort has gone into this work, and we very much hope that ThaiClassicCar.com will prove an indispensible and trustworthy research source. Classic Car Club Thailand

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